Masters Team Event
Masters Team Event

The West of Scotland Badminton Group will run an annual Masters Team Event at the Sir Craig Reedie Badminton Centre. This is a non-ranking team competition for players aged 35 and over.

Teams are arranged by a captain appointed by the team, and include a minimum of three men and three women. Each tie is the best of five matches consisting of Men’s and Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles:

  • 1 x Men’s Doubles
  • 1 x Women’s Doubles
  • 3 x Mixed Doubles

There are no restrictions on teams entering the competition, as we encourage players from different counties or clubs to enter together as a team. We can also support individuals looking for a team to enter by putting them in touch with other open entries.

A link to register your team for the competition can be found here or under ‘Entry details and costs’ in the tab below.

Team Competition Regulations

  1. The tournament will be played in full accordance with the laws of Badminton and Competition Regulations adopted by BADMINTONscotland as well as the regulations of the BWF.
  2. A separate entry form and all declarations must be signed on behalf of each team.
  3. Players absent when called on to play will be scratched.
  4. No entry will be accepted from any player who has taken part in any unauthorised Tournament, League or Match.
  5. Players must have reached the required age for the age group entered by the date of the event (Sunday 6 November)
  6. Start times will be advised approximately five days prior to the championships.
  7. Players must hold themselves ready to play not later than 9.30 am on competition day.  
  8. Players should be in attendance 20 minutes before the time of their first match and may be called to play 20 minutes prior to the match time shown on the programme.
  9. Players must advise the Referee on arrival at the Championships if they do not wish to be included in photographs / videos which may be taken over the course of the championships.
  10. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without giving their reasons.
  11. The organisers reserve the right to amend the schedule if required.
  12. The referee’s decision in all matters will be final.
  13. Covid protocol may apply.