Yonex West of Scotland Bronze 2022

The Yonex West of Scotland Bronze event was held on Sunday 27th November at the Sir Craig Reedie Badminton Centre. This was the first ‘C’ Grade event held by the West Group, and was a resounding success!
Players travelled from across the country to participate, and there some fantastic matches! Congratulations to all winners and runners-up. Final results are below:-
🥇’A’ MD Salim Ben Boudinar & Daniel Johnson
🥈’A’ MD Josh Taylor & Steven McGregor
🥇’B’ MD Humayun Rashid & Atif Zamir
🥈’B’ MD Jack Crawford & Kevin Hiew
🥇’A’ WD Joanne Pottinger & Alison Shearer
🥈’A’ WD Rachel Birse & Beckie Gunn
🥇’B’ WD Rebecca Bissett & Carla-Louise Mackenzie
🥈’B’ WD Rachel Denholm & Elizabeth McAuley
🥇’A’ XD Josh Taylor & Katie Stewart
🥈’A’ XD Allan Patterson & Dorothy Jim
🥇’B’ XD Craig Armstrong & Rachael McDonald
🥈’B’ XD Steven McGregor & Shona Ruesch
Thanks to everyone for a great day of Badminton. Full results can be found on Tournament Software.
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